What are the ingredients used in the bagels?

It depends which bagel you order, but generally speaking, they have:

Organic bread flour, filtered water, yeast, malt powder and Pink Himalayan Sea Salt. Everything Bagels have sesame seeds, poppy seeds, dehydrated onion and garlic with Maldon Sea Salt. Pumpernickel Bagels have dutch cocoa powder, pumpernickel meal and Caraway seeds with Black Cocoa Powder and Espresso Powder. Sourdough bagels have sourdough in them as well. Cornmeal used lightly on baking sheet to ensure non-stick during baking.

Can you freeze them?

Yes, we recommend if you aren’t going to eat all of your bagels within a few days of their arrival, that you slice them all for toasting and them put them into freezer bags and freezer. You can them pop them in the toaster straight from the freezer
for a delicious bagel. In a well-closed freezer bag the bagels can last up to three months.

Are any preservatives added?

No preservatives are added.

Are they sugar free?

No sugar is added.

How are bagels preserved?

No preservatives are included in the making of the bagels. The bagels are vacuum sealed the same day they are baked and sent off to you.


How long until I get my order?

Orders will take 3-5 days to prepare and then will be shipped Flat-Rate Priority shipping which generally arrives 2-3 days after sent.

How much will it cost to ship the bagels to me?

The cost of shipping is included the price of each dozen of bagels.

Cancellation / Return Policies:

What is the KBB cancellation policy?

Cancellations are accepted only if received before the bagels are shipped.

Can I return the bagels if I am dissatisfied?

Sorry, there are no returns. The bagels are perishable items, made to order, no returns will be accepted. If there is an issue with the bagels you received, please contact us and send a photo of the bagels at issue to